Teriyaki Chicken

Japanese teriyaki chicken has got to be at the top of the list of my favourite Japanese foods, or favourite foods in general even. Tender chicken thighs cooked perfectly in a light batter with sweet teriyaki sauce, served with rice and salad…you can’t really go wrong.

Mt Fuji Bento Restaurant's Teriyaki Donburi

Mt Fuji Bento Restaurant’s Teriyaki Donburi

This picture is taken at my favourite of the local Japanese Restaurants in Birmingham – Mt. Fuji Bento Restaurant. Available as a Donburi, Bento, and Side, teriyaki chicken makes for a tasty and filling meal or snack. I highly recommend both the restaurant and this particular order.

You’ll love it. So go ahead and don’t be afraid to try it! Or alternatively, you can try to cook your own at home, why not.

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