Hotto Motto (ほっともっと), Japan

I’m sure there are lots of people that would absolutely love to go to Japan… and then you see a picture of some Japanese food like this and suddenly you want to go even more! (as if that was even possible, right?). Japanese food is certainly delicious, まじめにまじめにおいしい… as well being fascinating. So I couldn’t help but share this. Any time I go out for Japanese food I crave it for weeks on end. Thank you ‘Memoirs of Taste’ for increasing my hunger agony for the delicious tastes of Japan.

Memoirs of Taste


So I never thought fast food could be this good. I had my first taste of Hotto Motto’s donburi in Asahikawa, on one of the evenings when we were strolling along the main shopping stretch and wanted something to eat. I’ve never had Japanese fast food elsewhere that’s come anywhere close to this in terms of variety and taste. Along with Hotto MottoYoshinoya in Japan is fantastic as well – so much so that Yoshinoya in Singapore can’t even lift a pinky to it.

Everywhere in Japan

It’s easy to spot Hotto Motto‘s red signage in English, and it’s typically found along the main shopping street.

Damage: $

Each donburi (rice topped with ingredients) costs on average around $6 with a bowl of soup, and can go even cheaper depending on what you order.

To go: For a quick and easy, satisfying budget meal

I have…

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