Japanese Recipe: Miso Soup

Ahhh Miso soup… a delicious bowl of warming Japanese soup that somehow leaves you feeling both contently satisfied and wanting more at the same time. It’s so simple and healthy, a beautifully light dish for all comfort eaters. I couldn’t resist re-blogging kitsunejourney’s post so even more people can enjoy reading it and have a go at making their own Miso soup. If you can get hold of the ingredients it’s a pleasure to make and eat!

Note: for anyone in the Birmingham area, I can advise you to go to the China town part of Birmingham the Arcadian – there are stores that sell a variety of Asian ingredients.


Miso is a paste made from fermenting soy beans with salt and a specific fungus. It is often fermented with rice, barley or other grains added to bring a different flavour or depth to the paste. The most common pastes are aka (red) miso which has a fuller, saltier taste; shiro (white) miso, which is lighter and sweeter, and awase (mixed) miso. I enjoy awase miso fermented with barley the most. It is rich and salty, with a little sweetness behind it. The Japanese say that barley is also good for the gut, so barley miso has more health benefits than rice or plain miso.


Sitting down to Mama’s miso soup each morning was always a little time of comfort in an otherwise hectic morning on my exchange programme back in 2003. I have always remembered her soup as a comfort food and something I have often craved as an…

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