Prince of England Visits Japan

Prince William, the British Duke of Cambridgeshire, spent several days in Japan away from wife Kate Middleton and son George. The Duke played in a ball pit with children, attended a tea ceremony, visited sites of the Sendai Tsunami, tried on traditional Japanese clothes and samurai armour and more. A lot of it may be for show and to promote business but it is interesting nonetheless. Unfortunately, even though a fellow ‘Brit’ I wasn’t invited along so didn’t get to enjoy it first hand (the hardships we face…), so I’ve been forced to merely follow along using the internet.

The prince takes part in a tea ceremony

The prince takes part in a tea ceremony in Hama Rikyu Gardens

With the Tokyo governer

Prince William With the Governor of Tokyo in Hama Rikyu Gardens

The Prince clearly had a lot of fun despite some bad weather, which he joked he had brought with him from England. But who would let a little rain ruin a trip to the beautiful country of Japan? Prince William spent much time with the Tokyo Governor – Youichi Masuzoe, who escorted around the Gardens of Hama Rikyu after the tea ceremony.

Children Play with Prince William in the ball pit of Smile Kid's Park in Koriyama

Children Play with Prince William in the ball pit of Smile Kid’s Park in Koriyama

Despite being away from little George, the Prince found time to entertain some children, and even juggled for them.

Prince William shakes hands with Emperor Akihito

Prince William shakes hands with Emperor Akihito

Just a casual lunch with the Emperor and Empress of Japan at the imperial palace in Tokyo, just another day…


You’ve got to admit this is adorable


Sitting for a traditional Japanese meal with the Ambassador


Geisha Dance for the Duke


“…And that’s how I got that bald patch”

Indeed it’s hardly every day you get the opportunity Japan and I admit I was reluctant to look into this story out of jealousy for his trip (though definitely not for all the cameras and public attention). The Duke of Cambridgeshire got up to much more than the events which have been shown through the pictures above. He tried on the Samurai King’s armour, had a laugh at the Ambassador wearing a samurai wig, visited a memorial for the dead soldiers that fought during WWII (mostly POWs), visited a tv station, broke open a barrel of sake in a ‘Happi’ coat, greeted students, and lay flowers overlooking one of the hardest hit towns of the 2009 Tsunami as well as talking with survivors.



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