Directions in Japanese

SO you’ve finally made it Japan after years of saving and months planning (maybe) and you find yourself in beautiful Kyoto. You know you are in an area filled with amazing historical sites, and the only problem is, you left your accommodation without your map and you’re LOST! ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮  So you’re going need to ask someone for directions… here’s how:

Where is the…..?   = …..wa doko desu ka?   =  。。。はどこですか?

Left – Hidari – 左
Right – Migi – 右                                               [………ni itte kudasai  (go ………. please)
Straight ahead – Massugu – まっすぐ             [………ni magatte kudasai  (turn ……… please)

Street – Michi – みち
Main street – Oodoori – おおどおり
Bridge – Hashi – はし                                      [………o watatte kudasai  (cross the ……… please)

Crossroads – Kousaten – こうさてん
Corner – Kado – かど
Traffic Lights – Shingou – しんごう
T-Junction – Tsukiatari – つきあたり               [………de [turn / go straight etc.] (At the …….. [turn / go straight etc.]

At the traffic lights, cross the street and turn left please.
Shingou de michi wo watatte, hidari ni magatte kudasai.
しんごう で みち を わたって、左 に まがって ください

Which one?:
Next – Tsugi – つぎ                         […… NO () [corner/junction etc.] O () [direction] NI ([turn/go]
First – Hitotsume – 一つ 目
Second – Futatsume – 二つ目
Third – Mittsume – 三つ目

Ahead – Saki – さき              [Place] (wa) [Landmark] (no) [Position] です / にあります (desu / ni arimasu)
Before – Mae – 前
Just Before – Temae – てまえ
Near – Chikaku – 近く
Next to – Tonari – となり
After – Ato – あと

After the crossroads, the bank will be on the left.
Kousaten no ato de, ginkou wa hidari desu.


Useful vocabulary (Where might want to go):
Bank – Ginkou –
Park – Kouen –  こうえん
Restaurant – Resutoran – レストラン
Train Station – Eki – えき
Bus Stop – Basu tei / Basu taaminaru – バスてい / バスターミナル
Post office – Yuubinkyoku – ゆうびんきょく
Supermarket – Suupaa – スーパー
Museum – Hakubutsukan – はくぶつかん
Car Park – Chuushajou – ちゅうしゃじょう
Hospital – Byouin – びょういん
Shinto Shrine – Jinja – じんじゃ
Buddhist Temple – Otera – お寺
Tourist Office – Kankou annai jo – かんこうあんあいじょ

More examples:
Excuse me, where is the post office?
Sumimasen, yuubinkyoku wa doku desu ka?
すみません、ゆうびんきょく は どく です か?

Go straight, then at the second corner turn right.
Massugu ni itte, futatsume no kado wo migi ni magatte kudasai.
まっすぐに いって、二つ目 の かど を 右に まがってください。

The post office will be on your left, next to the train station.
Yuubinkyoku wa hidari ni arimasu, eki no tonari desu.
ゆうびんきょく は 左 に あります、えき の となり です。

4 thoughts on “Directions in Japanese

  1. I really like your language lessons and think they are presented very well, though I might find it easier to read if the vocabulary were in table form. That way you could see at one glance which is the translation, romaji and hiragana. But that’s just a suggestion ^^

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