Kaiawase – Culture Exchange Class (Japanese at WLV Uni)

The last class before the Easter break, semester 2… Our teacher gave our little language class the chance to try either Japanese calligraphy or Kaiawase (shell painting) and we chose the latter. ☆ ~(‘▽^人)  Out came the box of shells, an array of paints and paintbrushes, and some awesome (untranslatable) Japanese newspapers that were about to get wrecked! Maybe once our Spanish classmate had finished admiring her Japanese idol that coincidently appeared on the newspaper anyway. We picked our shells and our brushes and desired paints and set off painting with high hopes (probably too high) for our soon-to-be works of art.


1st Attempt

Admittedly, my first attempt miraculously managed to unveil an even greater absence of artistic skill than of my skill in Japanese language. BUT, like a true professional craftsman, I blamed my tools. That paintbrush clearly had something against me (though everyone else was doing an amazing job at theirs).

Attempt 2 …. I swapped my paintbrush for a calligraphy brush!   ∑(゚ロ゚〃)   I prepared my paints and set off on my now already gold and silver painted shells (and fingers…). If this didn’t work then SURELY I must have done something terrible years ago for which every kind of brush in the world must now hold a grudge against me.

The results? Happy days… The new brush was far more cooperative.

Attempt 3, painted for my lovely wife, even better… But of course by this point it obviously had absolutely nothing to do with the cooperation of the slender Japanese brush and everything to do with pure artistic skill….. (^_<)〜☆

Attempt 2 & 3

Attempt 2 (gold) & 3 (silver)

I have to say, all the others in the class did amazing right from the start, coming up with some awesome designs on their shells. They painted koi fish, Kanji, flowers, even Totoro which turned out brilliant! Here are some of their works of art (I had to take these using my camera phone which isn’t that great, so probably doesn’t do them justice):

Everyone's Together

Everyone’s Together

2015-03-20 17.01.29

Totoro Kaiawase – just too goood

'he-no-he-no-he-mo-ji' cat

‘he-no-he-no-he-mo-ji’ cat

Too Cute!

Too Cute

Was a fun way to end the last day before the Easter holidays… Now I just have to go 2 weeks without a Japanese lesson ∑(゚Д゚)  It’s a good thing I’ve got this blog to keep me going.

If you think this looks like good fun go ahead and try it, it is! Our teacher even got stuck in making one. If you want to find out more about Kaiawase, the shell painting and matching game, click here – It’s really interesting!


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