Months and Seasons in Japanese

Months are really very simple in Japanese. All you need to know are Japanese numbers from 1-12 and the word がつ (gatsu – 月 in Kanji). You express the month by the number of the month in the year:

January – Ichigatsu – 一月
February – Nigatsu – 二月
March – Sangatsu – 三月
April – Yongatsu – 四月
May – Gogatsu – 五月
June – Rokugatsu – 六月
July – Shichigatsu – 七月
August – Hachigatsu – 八月
September – Kugatsu – 九月
October – Juugatsu – 十月
November – Juuichigatsu – 十一月
December – Juunigatsu – 十二月

The beautiful Japanese seasons are as follows…
Spring – Haru – 春
Summer – Natsu – 夏
Autumn – Aki – 秋 *
Winter – Fuyu – 冬

Seasons = Kisetsu = 季節

* A nice and easy kanji to remember. Split it in two and you see the first half looks like a tree, and the second is the kanji for fire (and sort of looks like it), so just think ‘tree fire’ for Autumn.

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