“What is it about your own people you hate so much?” – Finally the Perfect Answer

During this scene in The Last Samurai, Colonel Bagley meets Algren in Kyoto and poses the question to Algren, “What is it about your own people you hate so much?” Gregory Hood has the perfect answer to this question…


Algren remains silent in the face of the question, but it is a question that many of us could ask ourselves. More and more people are increasingly dissatisfied with our own country.

In my experience here in the UK I see that a lot… no one trusts the government, but there is no option for anything better. ‘The rich get richer and the poor get poorer’. And what do we really have? Limited and mind-numbing jobs, controlled lives, little opportunity, busy and crowded cities, overly expensive housing and renting prices, violence, selfishness…

Footballers run around kicking a ball and roll about on the floor earning millions, ‘doll-dossers’ sponge of the system making no positive contribution to society, while hard-working people often feel taken advantage of.

Algre 2

Not only this, but what culture do we really have? Pubs, fish and chips, and football?

So, what is it about your own people that you hate so much? Gregory Hood writes:

“It’s that our people have been defined not by a culture, but by an anti-culture. In a cruel irony, “whiteness” has become a social construct, identified as export of junk food, junk culture, and junk values. Moreover, such “whiteness” should be hated. Cut off from ourselves and our past, we reasonably seek to identify with a real culture and a real people somewhere else.”

If presented with the chance to live a life of real values, in an idyllic place of culture, history, and peace of mind, who wouldn’t trip over their own feet in a rush towards that?


Whether such a place and community really exists today I’m doubtful, but maybe one could be created – if not in our nations or cities, then in our own home – our families. Sadly we live in a world where the values of marriage and family are deteriorating rapidly. But surely, if we can nurture the best of values within the walls of our own homes, with those we love most, then there is the beginning of change…


Gregory Hood, http://www.counter-currents.com/2012/05/the-last-samurai/


5 thoughts on ““What is it about your own people you hate so much?” – Finally the Perfect Answer

  1. Very important point; thank you. I have said that Japan is the most civilized country that I have visited (now living in). One the the great things about Japan, is their sense of family and community.
    I do love where I came from (California), and the culture here is very refreshing; now, it there was only a way to blend them….

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    • I suppose you are yourself a blending of the cultures 🙂 Whenever you travel, live somewhere else, make new friends or learn a language, I think you pick up a piece of that something different that becomes part of who you are and changes you.
      Good luck to you in everything! And thank you for your comment, it is appreciated 🙂


  2. Our lack of culture in Australia is also similar. We have somehow decided the indigenous culture is irrelevant to our “white” lives. I found the culture and etiquette in Japan refreshing and inviting. I find myself wistfully longing for it….

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