Kyoto Skyway


The Skyway.JPG

Skyway of Kyoto Station, Kyoto, Japan

The Skyway is a walkway high up at the modern train station of Kyoto, giving north-facing views across Kyoto. From this viewing platform, open until 10pm, you can easily catch beautiful views (and photos) of Kyoto Tower, surrounding temples, and the surrounding hills further away. Kiyomizudera can even just about be seen in the eastern hills, and you can probably pick out the locations of other famous sites.

The viewing walkway itself isn’t particularly beautiful, but it is free, and offers clearer views than the terrace on the west side of the station (which has darkened glass). It can be found by either going through the door at one of the levels up the west steps, or the opposite side up the escalator, which is easier. It’s worth finding on an evening, to catch the views as the sun sets and the city lights turn on. You get brilliant views of Kyoto Tower at this time – well worth the side-trip.

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