About Me

Studies: English Language and Media and Communication Studies
Occupation 1: Website Article Writer for Wolves Uni SU
Occupation 2: International Student Recruitment Intern (Japan) for Wolverhampton University International Center

Location: West Midlands
Interests: Japanese, Media, Films, Travelling, Language.
Aspirations: International Journalism.

My name is Andrew and I’m currently a University student.
I study Media and Communications and English Language. I’m British and have studied Japanese for 3 years achieving ‘A*’ at GCSE and ‘A’ at A Level for the subject. I began learning in May of 2008, independently. In November of that same year (beginning of year 11) I was lucky enough that the head teacher of Perryfields brought in a Japanese tutor to provide me and a friend with lessons, once a week after school. I loved it and still do, so this site is a chance both for me to revise and to help upcoming Japanese learners and enthusiasts.

I also have a lot of interest in the country of Japan in general, so you will find in this blog more general posts as well as language tips.

I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in Kyoto, volunteering at a nursery, kindergarten and elementary school. You can find posts about my experiences under the page ‘My Japan Diaries’ above.

I hope you find my site helpful, or at the very least enjoyable!


金閣寺、京都   (Golden Pavilion, Kyoto)

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Andrew. Nice website. I love learning new words from other languages. Many cultures have words for ideas which are absent from other cultures. Sometime ago, I learned the word Boketto. What a beautiful word! Would love to learn more from you and your website 🙂

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