My Japan Diaries

Here you can find all my experiences and adventures (click the titles to find the post) from my 3 weeks 2 days spent in Kyoto, Japan, through the volunteer workaway program. I was volunteering with “The Japan Cat Network” – an animal rescue and welfare organisation. I spent most of the time working across a nursery, kindergarten and elementary school between Enmachi and Hanazono Station. It was a long desired experience, and although I had my anxieties, the experience was incredible.

A Long Journey for a Dreary WelcomeIMG_6219
After a long and tiring journey, on 2 hours sleep in the past 30 hours, I arrived in Kyoto. The welcome I received was less than ideal…

Falling in Love with Arashiyama
My first full day in Japan. Where better to spend it than the famed Arashiyama. Read how I spent my first day whilst battling jet lag…

The Foreigner and the 5 Year Old Terrors
So begins the work at nursery. Read about my first day with the 5 year old class and what we got up to with the energetic little monsters!

Kyoto Kinder and Garden Gran Kidnap
Why I loved Kyoto’s kindergarten, and my brief kidnapping by Japanese grannies around the gardens of Myoushinji Temple… an eventful 3rd day.

Friday Night NIJO: The Beginning of Madness
Coming Soon…

Nara City: Because I Had To
Coming Soon…

I Found Hell on Mt. Wakakusa
Coming Soon…

Higashiyama: Top to Bottom to Top
Coming Soon…

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